Seven plus years of UNIX administration and support; prior to current career as Software Engineer, wrote shell applications and real-time code in such diverse areas as large scale memory, telemetry, and retail automotive outlets using Basic, Korn shell, relational database and assembler.  Familiar with UNIX variants, AIX and SCO, personally proficient with sophisticated AIX elements such as Object Data Manager, IBM SP and HACMP support. Proficient in all variants of Windows.


               A.A, Engineering, Cerritos College, Norwalk, California
                B.S., Mathematics, California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California


    HACMP Installation and Configuration, San Jose, 1999
    SP Installation and Migration, San Jose 1990
    SP System Administration, San Jose 1999
    AIX Advanced System Administrator, San Jose 1997
    Certificate Network System Administrator, Santa Cruz Operating Systems 1997
    Certificate UNIX System Administrator,   Santa Cruz Operating Systems 1995
    DCE/DFS System Administration, San Jose 1997
    CBT SAP R3 General Ledger, San Jose 1998
    CBT SAP R3 General Ledger Process, San Jose 1998
    CBT Database Fundamentals, San Jose 1998

Programming Languages:
 HTML, Business BASIC, BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLY, Knowledgeman, UNIX Korn Shell, Lotus Notes 4 and 5 and JOVIAL

Operating Systems:
AIX Releases 4.1.5, 4.2.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3, 5.1.0, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, SCO UNIX, SCO Open Server System V

Knowledgeman, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Lotus 123, Photo Suite, Arts & Letter, MS Project


Synova Staffing, San Jose, California
      February 2000 to Present
     Software Engineer III

Design, modify, develop, write and implement software programming applications. Support and/or install software applications. Participate in the testing process, through test review and analysis, test witnessing and certification of software. Rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Perform a variety of complicated tasks. Lead and direct the work of others. Reporting directly to the projects, project lead or department manager. Use a wide degree of creativity and latitude. Resolve problems that detract from the performance of the production environment. Assist associates in the resolution of various AIX, Windows Desktop and application difficulties. Install DB2, CMVC, version control system, and new development subsystems. Install and configure IBM 7133 SSA RAID drive systems to function with IBM 9076 SP system. Responsible for the performance and functionality of fifty one computer systems, six Intel systems, two HP, two Sun, ten node SP and the six personal power RS6000 and Twenty five RS6000 Deskside servers. Provide level 2 support for companies workstation interface to server systems. Multi cell DCE/DFS administrator, responsible for interfacing multi production and test cell environments providing trusted multi cell data and user exchanges.

BMC, San Jose, California
     September 1999 to December 1999
      System Programmer IV

AIX system administrator and system support for BMC's QA and R&D Community. Resolved departments' environment problems, providing a stable working SP and AIX development environment. Responsible for the maintenance, recovery and configuration of the IBM environment. Resolved a development problem the Oracle DBA had while working in the AIX SP environment.

Computer Task Group, San Jose, California
    June 1997 - September 1999
     Software Engineer, Network System Administrator

 AIX administration and system support for IBM's Storage Systems Division, San Jose, building operating systems, debugging, diagnosing and repairing hardware. Generated more than fifty AIX servers, used throughout the plant site for software development. Frequently handle tightly scheduled migrations, e.g., in less than eight hours. Supported AIX Tools and Software Development Workbench.

  • Install and configure SP systems.  Doing problem solving and system layout.
  • Design and configure DCE/DFS cell for department use. This cell was configured to interface with the company's multi state cell.
  • Network installation of systems and applications.  Wrote code to monitor system operation and performance.
  • Responsible for prototype configuration and installation of production servers used in company's hardware micro code development.  Sole team member to install and configure the RISC multiprocessor computer. Determined and wrote the needed code to reduce the reboot time of the multiprocessor system from 45 minutes to 15.
  • Taught team members and other IBM employees the special requirements of the multi-processor system. Also, provided training to other team members on the solution and correction of hardware problems.  Lead classes to teach IBM employees on the usage of DCE/DFS and Exceed. 
  • Saved the department more than $100,000.00 on equipment ordered in error.
  • Work with and set up DCE, distributed computing environment, as cell administrator.  DCE is the system environment that replaces NFS and NIS.
  • Provided level two system support to IGS for the SDWB development environment.
  • Responsible for site preparation to do a thirty four system lab move. Ensured that power and network facilities were provided.  This also included a system update of the operating system to a new version.  Production development resumed after the system move.
  • Provide the NFS support for application and network system installation.  This NFS support allows the company to install the corporate DCE environment over a multi state network.
  • Built development DCE/DFS test cells to test production environment.
  • Built web servers for the distribution and review of company documentation.

  American Performance Center Inc., San Jose, California
   1973 - 1997

System Administrator, Account Manager, Accounting Manager, CIO, Sales Manager, Software Development Manager, Human Resource Manager, Benefits Manager, Purchasing Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Advertising Manager, Entrepreneur

  • Founded, managed, and sold a local multi store chain of automotive stores. Besides directing all aspects of the business, designed and programmed all business applications systems, and installed, administered and supported the SCO UNIX networked systems.
  • As Account manager introduced accounts to new products and product lines. 
  • Train customer as to the benefits and advantages of using the new product.  How it will make the employee’s job easier and improve their ability to get the job done faster. 
  • Ensured that the customer was happy with the quality and reliability of the products they purchased.
  • Developed accounts into profitable customers of the business.
  • Listen to the customer needs and wants.  Found the product that could satisfy their needs.

Prior Employment (1966-1973):

  General Electric: command/control satellite systems

  TRW Aerospace: command/control satellite systems

  Precision Instrument: S/370 interfaces, device drivers, and operating systems

  Memorex Computer Systems: mainframe operating systems

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Detailed knowledge of business process in: Human Resources, Inventory Control, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Purchasing, Data Entry, Point of Sale, Benefits.
  • Designed and developed 4/GL relational database system that tracked sales, resulted in reduced returns and warranty claims. Its data resulted in new inventory suggestions.
  • Upgraded the POS system with transition to UNIX platform for enhanced flexibility and power; wrote printer driver and magnetic tape I/0 drivers.
  • Wrote shell routines to perform unattended backups & upgrade the productivity of system operations, trained system users.
  • Development projects included a payroll system, a point-of-sale package that imported in to the accounting package, an automated customer account and company vendor telephone book to provide instant access to account information.
  • Hardware installations included hard drives, memory, modems, CDROMS, video cards, RAID 5 and monitors; troubleshooting for all hardware issues.
  • Wrote diagnostic software to test storage device performance and diagnose hardware problems.